Additional services


Hotel Sport has a hall suitable for training, conferences and seminars. The hall has a separate ventilation and air-conditioning system. There are screens for presentations, natural light and park view.

Main stage

Open stage on the territory of the center
Dimensions: 16 m x 8 m
Professional light and sound
Everyday animation program
Backstage and 4 dressing rooms
DJ-panel is located above the audience and makes it possible to organize a disco for the guests
300 seats for spectators

Small stage

Dimensions: 14 m x 8 m
Wooden stage, optional music and lighting equipment
150 seats for spectators

Finnish sauna

There are two saunas in the hotel blocks «AquaLife» (for 5-7 persons ) and «Sport» (for 8-10 persons). They can be reserved at any time convenient for you.

Massage parlor

There are 3 massage rooms in the hotel blocks «Tower», «Active» and «Sport».

Medical services of the high standards provided by certified specialists working in different areas including general, partial and even baby massage.

Health service

There are 3 medical offices in AquaLife located in the hotel blocks «AquaLife», «Active» and «Sport». Ambulance is on duty round the clock. Medical ward has two rooms with a total capacity for 6 people.


The territory is fenced and is under 24 hours monitoring. There are 3 security items (blocks «AquaLife», «Tower», «Sport»). There is a developed lifeguard system on the beach.